Elon Musk recommended investing in Argentina after meeting with president Javier Milei


The president and the entrepreneur discussed Argentina’s economic outlook.

President Javier Milei and entrepreneur Elon Musk held their second meeting in less than a month this Monday in Los Angeles. After visiting Tesla’s Gigafactory in Texas, they coincided this time at the Milken Institute’s Global Investors Summit.

Accompanying the president were the Secretary General of the Presidency, Karina Milei, and the Argentine ambassador to the United States, Gerardo Werthein. The meeting lasted nearly an hour, during which the two figures discussed economic freedom and the importance of the cultural battle.

Milei had outlined a roadmap for potential investments in technology and mining that he would like Musk to lead. Additionally, the president intended to discuss the everyday impact of artificial intelligence and its application in economic development.

“Artificial intelligence will make us a world power,” commented Milei in Los Angeles. And regarding his meeting with Musk, he had informed his entourage beforehand: “I want him to invest. Wherever he wants.”

“Great meeting with President Milei,” Musk posted on his own social network X, after his meeting with the head of state in California. In the photo he uploaded, he appeared very pleased, making the characteristic thumbs-up gesture of the Argentine president.

Hours later, Musk doubled down and posted a second tweet in which he expressed, “I recommend investing in Argentina,” a post that went viral in just a few minutes, given the power such a recommendation from the world’s richest entrepreneur holds.

Just as he once sparked a frenzy of investment in Bitcoin with a tweet, it is expected that Musk’s recommendation regarding Argentina’s future prospects will incentivize entrepreneurs from around the world to put their money into the country, generating quality employment, new products and services, and dollar revenues.

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